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Capsules of Motivation to Dispense Care and Kindness

Volume 8 - Issue 3
No. 26
September 2006



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Carpe Diem!
Seize the Day

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Carpe Diem!

Seize the Day

—— Judy Gustum

“Carpe Diem”, a memorable phrase from the movie “Dead Poets Society”, means to grab an opportunity when it presents itself. Carpe Diem is a phrase that we can apply as ambassadors of Care and Kindness. Carpe Diem is what we have to do—or all our good works will never happen. Carpe Diem! I challenge you to turn your good intentions into deeds!

We all have gifts and we are all called to use them. We must resolve to employ those gifts and to actively observe and respond to the critical needs of people around us. Here are a few practical steps to get you started on the path that leads to feeling more comfortable with Carpe Diem. Follow these steps and you’ll find it easier to just do it.

First, pray about your talents; and pray for opportunities to use them, and then make a commitment—a commitment to God and to yourself that you will live your life differently, so that you can be a light in another person’s life.

Your commitment should have three parts to it: Observe, Respond and Pay it Forward.


Judy Gustum was a speaker at the Care Conference in March 2006. This article was taken from her closing address, “Taking Care and Kindness Home.”

She is a former teacher, businesswoman, and Human Resource Specialist and she is a popular speaker on her practical application of the care and kindness principles taught at the Conference.

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