Care Capsule

Caring and Compassion Conference

Wyckoff, New Jersey
September 17 –18, 2010

You wanted to come to the Care Conference at the Crystal Cathedral, but it was too far to travel ...

That problem has been solved!

The Christian Health Care Center, located in Wykoff, New Jersey (in the very north of the state), will host a Friday evening and all-day Saturday Caring and Compassion Conference on September 17 and 18, 2010. This event will be the first East coast caring conference featuring the Rev. Dr. James Kok, who will deliver three keynote addresses.

This educational/inspirational conference is specifically designed to equip, inspire, and encourage laypeople involved in all forms of caring ministries in their local congregations. The conference will be a valuable resource for individuals and pastors who wish to enhance the caring ministries of their churches.

Workshop Topics

Participants will be able to choose from 25 workshops covering a wide range of topics related to providing care and support to others ─ too numerous to list here.

To read about each one, however, you will find complete details, including titles, summaries and bios for each of the speakers on the conference website.

The subject areas include:

  • healing
  • prayer ministry
  • elder issues
  • mental issues
  • grief
  • equipping volunteers
  • addiction
  • teen depression
  • and much more.

The presentations will be given by professionals in each of their areas of expertise.

Travel Information

The website listed above includes travel directions to help you find:

Christian Health Care Center
301 Sicomac Ave
Wyckoff, NJ. 07481


Details are provided on the website or you can call (201) 897-5383
or email


Friday, Sept 17


6:30 pm


  7:00 pm "90% of Helping is Just Showing Up!"
- Dr. James Kok
  8:00 pm Workshops

Saturday, Sept 18


8:30 am

Registration / Breakfast

  9:00 am "What Jesus Wants From Us"- Dr. James Kok
  9:45 am Workshops
  10:45 am Workshops
  11:40 am Lunch (provided)
  12:30 pm Workshops
  1:30 pm Workshops
  2:30 pm "Spirit-Lifting and
Practical Care and
- Dr. James Kok
  3:10 pm Closing Litany



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