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90% of Helping Is Just Showing Up

A Conference for People who CARE

The International Conference on Christian Care seeks To Inspire, Motivate and Equip People to Care For Others. This mission statement and the expanded vision statement of the conference come from the heart of the Pastoral Care ministry of Dr. James R. Kok.

Dr. James R. Kok

Author and Pastor, Dr. James R. Kok, has articulated his message in the books he has written, but his book, "90% of Helping Is Just Showing Up!" particularly addresses the theme of the International Conference on Christian Care. Throughout his book he teaches that great amounts of healing and helping are administered through the simple act of just "being there" with persons as they go through their hurt.

The "Care Conference" aims to ignite in all God's children a sense of calling to demonstrate to friends, colleagues, next door neighbors and the stranger at the car wash extraordinary kindness, attentiveness and compassion. This is God's work for us to carry out. It is good. It is possible. Our faithfulness in this practical day-to-day care-fullness will reassure humankind that God is alive and active today and restore hope in a pessimistic world.

As Keynote Speaker, Dr. Kok will expand on these thoughts in his address, "The Passion of God - God Responds and So Must We" and he will teach how each of us can help those with whom we have daily contact through simple acts of caring.

The 1999 International Conference on Christian Care will help you to increase your awareness of how people all around you are hurting. Through greater sensitivity, the Caring Christian can discover the daily opportunities to help others - those who would be helped if only someone would "Just Show Up".

The Conference speakers will present information to increase your skills for that other 10%. Each will address the conference theme which is expressed in the question: "While you are with that hurting person, what can you do or say that will provide additional help?"

The schedule for these three days will include general sessions, break-out workshops, entertainment and a Gala dinner on Saturday night.

Register now for the 1999 Conference, which will be held on the Crystal Cathedral campus March 18 through March 20, 1999.

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