A conference to refine your sensitivity to
words and actions that help
- not hurt

2002 Conference Pictures
Speakers who have been scheduled include:

Cornelius Plantinga, Jr.
Dean of the Chapel
at Calvin College

Dr. Mark Spee
Medical Doctor
“Medical Ethics”

Millie Webb
National, President
Rev. David Paap
Stephen Ministries
Dr. Ken France
Professor of Psychology
“Empowering Positive Change in Others”


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www.griefcompass.com/sys-tmpl/door/ - Hoy
home.earthlink.net/~franceassoc/ - France
www.diabeteswisdom.com/ - Schickling
www.bettysouthard.com - Southard
home.earthlink.net/~sharonmarjo/ - Marshall
www.score-ed.com - Marshall
www.tipnational.org - Charles
www.friendship.org - Honderd
www.simpleacts.org - Zink
www.ChristianSoulCare.com.- Gaultiere

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March 14, 15 & 16, 2002

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