Motivating people to practice intentional acts of kindness

Can You Believe It's So Simple?

  1. Greet people, whether they are looking at you or not. “Good morning. It is good to see you”.

    Become an enthusiastic and fanatic greeter. Greet everybody—say “Hello”, “Good Morning”, “Great to see you!”—anything, to send a pleasant message. A greeting is a connection. It is knocking at a door saying, “I notice you. You are valued. You are somebody!”

    That is a simple, clean blessing everybody needs. There are no exceptions.

  2. Make eye contact. If possible, look the person in the eyes briefly, with warmth. Look at their face. Combine your eye contact with a greeting and a smile. “The eyes are the windows of our soul,” the Bible says. We must look in them.

    To be looked at, personally, is medicine for the soul.

  3. Act friendly. The emphasis here is on the word ‘act’. We do not just follow our feelings — we show friendliness, whether we feel that way or not. We do what is good, right, needed, necessary, and mature. Regardless of what we may be feeling, we can send a message of friendliness.

    The amazing thing is that when we act friendly, we not only lift another’s spirits, but we, also, end up feeling better.

Excerpt from 'Thirteen Secret Behaviors' section of Jim Kok's book, Transform Belief Into Behavior. Available here from Amazon.

These ‘Secret Behaviors’ are not truly secret—but they are far too often overlooked. The humble effectiveness of being friendly cannot be over-emphasized. People all around us are hungry for a touch of care, concern, love, even simple acknowledgement.


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The secret is that, more than saying anything, you just show up!

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