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A Fresh Slant on Easter

Here is a different perspective on Jesus resurrection. Remember it was three days after he died on the cross. Remember also these words, or this concept, which comes from the teaching and life of Jesus: "new life follows dying for others."

Whereas Jesus literally died for the human race, we are encouraged and called to take part in that kind of living every day--- namely dying for others.

It happens this way: whenever we take a minute, and hour, or a day out of our planned and  preferred routines in order to serve, help and encourage someone else, we are participating in what Jesus did in an ultimate way. That is—we are “dying” for another person. 

Obviously it is not literally giving our lives, but is a form of the same species as Jesus demonstrated when he died physically, 100%, on the cross.  So when we stop, pause, and step up to a need; when we interrupt our agenda or inconvenience ourselves; when we take a little time and give up some energy cash or anything else, we are dying for another person. Certainly it looks small and even seems insignificant, but it is goodness of a special kind.

Admittedly, comparing it to Jesus’ suffering and death seems like a total missing of the essence of that incomparable gift. Our actions are so easy and brief, and usually they are natural and rewarding—most of the time. It is true, however, that these can be called Christ-like actions. They are expressions of love. And love is from God, so they are godly acts. Giving love is giving God. It is Jesus’ love flowing out of us. We are giving them God because God is love. Whether we know it or not giving love is giving God.  It is giving the love of Jesus.

Therefore, Easter morning is a celebration of life and love. The joy of Jesus's resurrection is wrapped up in the realization that life follows death, that when we give ourselves to others,"dying” for them in some way, even a small way, new life follows. In God's divine providence, resurrection follows self-giving love. Jesus did it supremely. but we can copy it in small ways and life follows death.

      Silly Thoughts

At my age ’Getting lucky’ means walking into a room and remembering what I came in there for.

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