March 14, 2:00 pm through March 15, 1:00 pm

Take New Hope Crisis Counseling's life-changing training program
in just four days
by participating in the Pre-Conference
and the 2000 International Conference on Care and Kindness.

Then volunteer for New Hope as a telephone counselor at the Crystal Cathedral
or as an internet counselor at your home computer!

Here is a unique opportunity for you!
This New Hope Pre-conference has never before been offered in conjunction with the International Conference on Christian Care. You can learn Internet counseling to prevent suicide and to help hurting people around the world from your home computer and become an Associate member of the Crystal Cathedral - no matter where you live. Or you can acquire the initial skills for working on our New Hope telephones, if you live in the area of the Crystal Cathedral.

Call Sara Cruce at (714) 971-4308 or e-mail!


New Hope counselors are ordinary people who are doing something extraordinary with their lives. They've taken their pains and their struggles and turned them into beautiful offerings to God by helping other people.

What others have to say

Consider what you have to offer to God. Have you survived a trauma? Lost a loved one? Recovered from an addiction? Been through a difficult relationship? Or just felt like sharing the care in your heart with someone in need?

The New Hope training program is truly a life-changing experience.
Taught by Pastor James R. Kok and Psychologist Bill Gaultiere, the program has been perfected over its 30 year history and is truly a life-changing experience. By participating you will glean insights into active listening, effective counseling, crisis intervention, and setting boundaries with difficult people. You will also receive hands-on experience in telephone and internet counseling.

Best of all, because it is who we are that matters most in our helping, you will have the opportunity to participate in a small group with other prospective counselors. All this is in just three and half days!

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