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These groupings of workshops can help you focus your general interests at the conference

Family / Relationships:
“Retirement Is Not Easy” - Rev. John Coulombe
“Mental Illness' Unique Needs”- Dr. Gunnar Christiansen
“Communication That Really Helps and Heals” - Dr. Sande Herron
“How to Increase Closeness, Care and Competence” - Dr. Bill Gaultiere

Children / Youth Issues:
“Take S.A.C.K. Home With You” (panel) - Shirley Zink
“Building Faith and Spirituality in Children”
- Vicki Wiley
“Parenting Difficult Children”
- Dr. Eric Evenhuis
“Guiding Children Through Life's Losses”
- Phyllis Wezeman
“Teens: Sex vs. Love; Knowing the Difference”
- Helen Fabian
“Identifying Mental Illness In Youth”
- Kati Mester
“How Music, Groups and Styles Affect Teens”
- Jack Woolworth
“Raising Respectful Children”
- Peg Windish

General Interest:
“Without God — No Recovery” (Addiction) - Phil Allen
“Insights About Caring for the Disabled” - Rochelle Exelby
“Caring For Those Different From Ourselves” - Wrise Booker
“Can A Christian Love A Muslim?” - Dr. Bill Baker

Church Leadership:
“Equipping Christians for Care and Kindness” - Rev. David A. Paap
“Circles of Care with Christ at the Center”
- Rev. David A. Paap
“Take S.A.C.K. Home With You” (panel)
- Shirley Zink

Grief and Loss:
“The Unique Grief of Hospice Care” - Ray Hommes
“Kind Ways to Respond to Grief” - Susan Balk

Personal / Spiritual Growth:
“Assessing Your Spiritual Gifts” - Dr. Tino Ballesteros
“Care Through Prayer Without Words” - Dr. Jan Pfeffer
“Listening, Learning and Loving” - Dr. Frank Freed
“Where Is God in All This” - Dr. James R. Kok

New Hope:

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