Care Capsule
Capsules of Motivation to Dispense Care and Kindness

Volume 4- Issue 3
No. 15
January 2003



In This Issue

Join the Kindness Army

The Cake

Just Walk With Me

A Sad Loss

Some Conference Speakers

New Hope

Practicing Acts of Kindness

Practical Helpful Workshops

Light Notes

God is Watching


Join TheArmy!
Fight Back!

—— Dr. James R. Kok

A new age dawned on 9/11. Americans and Canadians have awakened to a world of danger and evil. Our innocence has been shattered. We are changed. Now, more than ever, we must intentionally equip ourselves and go to work spreading kindness and compassion. We need to fight hatred and anger — the enemies — with a quiet war.

The 6th Conference on Care and Kindness, at the Crystal Cathedral, is a place and a time for followers of Jesus to gain ideas, insights and attitudes for helping to counter the forces of evil, indifference and isolation.

We invite you to join the army. This army believes in one kind of germ warfare. This kind knows that one microbe of love, tenderness, helpfulness or sensitivity will infect others. No matter how small, one deliberate act of kindness makes the world a better place. It will spread!

Life is not fair. Each of us will face tragedy, loss and grief in our lives. As we grow, our bodies change and sometimes malfunction. It becomes obvious that we cannot control everything in our lives and we need help. The Jesus we look to is our comforter and strength in a time when we feel the world has let us down. And, as followers of Jesus, we believe that one of our greatest aspirations is to emulate Jesus.


Dr. James R. Kok has written a series of articles on the essentials for a caring person. A handful of basic tools—wrapped in courage—are the keys to open doors.

As the Koach Of Kare,
Dr. Kok has been a pastor at the Crystal Cathedral for the past eighteen years and heads the Care Ministry department of the church. He is the author of five books and numerous articles, and he is the founder of the International Conference on Care and Kindness.

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