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Capsules of Motivation to Dispense Care and Kindness

Volume 9 - Issue 2
No. 28
May 2007



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Ten Actions You Can Take

Try Something

—— Dr. James R. Kok

For the past ten years, since launching the care and kindness movement, we have been endeavoring to equip, motivate, and lead people into lives of more deliberate and thoughtful acts of care and kindness in everyday life. It is impossible to measure our effectiveness other than that many are asking us for more ideas, more books, and to come and speak (which we eagerly and willingly do). There is an evident hunger for help in creating brighter lives that will produce more conspicuous evidence that Followers of Jesus are carriers of loving kindness. But we love to hear stories about how much difference we have made; we love to hear from you about positive evidence that we are doing well in talking about doing good.

I want to suggest and describe a few specific, practical behaviors everyone can adopt and practice that are simple, good, will touch people, and will satisfy the person performing them. I am offering ideas I myself am trying to consistently deliver. I need to practice what I preach, and am sincerely trying every day.

Attitude Adjustment # 1Learn to say no to the ubiquitous cell phone. A small group of friends were huddled together at a table, munching goodies and drinking coffee. One of the eight had begun to tell a sad story about her married daughter who had just delivered a still-birth and had slipped into deep depression. She was part way into telling of the ordeal when someone’s cell phone rang. The owner pulled it out, looked at the number, and answered. Then she left the group to talk on her phone. When she returned, she reported that it was her friend’s daughter who needed a baby sitter.


Dr. James R. Kok has written a series of articles on the essentials for a caring person. A handful of basic tools—wrapped in courage—are the keys to open doors.

As the Koach Of  Kare,
Dr. Kok has been a pastor at the Crystal Cathedral for the past twenty years and heads the Care Ministry department of the church. He is the author of five books and numerous articles, and he is the founder of the Conference on Care and Kindness.


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