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Don't Show Up!
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In these instances, she who does show up is advised to make the stay brief. Two or three minutes may be enough —ten minutes is maximum. Remember, when you enter her room, the patient is probably working to be a good host. That work is not always desirable; it may be tiring.

Since hospital stays are so brief these days, supportive care may better be pointed toward the patient’s time back home after discharge. Those are far less busy times but they may be lonely times. There are no nurses, doctors, or dieticians to keep them company, and family members may have returned to their places of employment.

So ponder first. Ask yourself, “Am I doing this for her or for myself? Does she need this or do I?” If she doesn’t clearly need your presence, either put it off until she gets home or make a short phone call to her room. If you cannot restrain yourself, be brief. Very brief!

I have some additional thoughts about what to say — or not say — during your visit. Please read “There Is A Time To Tell Your Story”

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