Care Capsule

The Ripple Effect

A Care and Kindness Resolution

Quentin Schultze, Ph.D, is Professor of Communications at Calvin College. He is a highly sought after media and movie critic — often quoted by USA Today and other well-known periodicals.

To a group of clergy Dr. Schultze stated that he had made a resolution to be more friendly and to greet with warmth and kindness those he meets as he walks on the campus and in the halls of the college. (Each of us can copy this with joy.)

One Man’s Ideas

An area businessman who attended our Care Conference mailed us his church’s directory (he’d highlighted many names he wanted on our Care Capsule mailing list) and these quotes:

  • “Every time you see another person, you see another opportunity to make someone’s day brighter.”
  • “Everyone can’t do everything for everybody, but everybody can do something for somebody.”
  • “Goodness is the only investment that never fails.” – Thoreau

Theme for the Year

Dr. Neil Plantinga is President of Calvin Theological Seminary and was a plenary speaker at our Care and Kindness Conference in 2002.

He has announced that the theme for the year at Calvin Seminary will be “Grace and Kindness.”

Are you creating ripples?

A-OK is an expression that means “things are good.” AOK also stands for ‘Acts Of Kindness’. When you do an act of kindness, you can start a ripple effect that is wide ranging. You may never know how far it goes but you don’t have to be able to see where it stops in order to be the one to start it.

Start a ripple today! You may enjoy it so much you’ll want to do it again tomorrow!

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