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Conference Schedule

Thursday, March 11, 2004

11:00 AM - 7 PM Registration

1:00 PM Opening Session
Let's Copy the Way God Acts
- Dr. James R. Kok

2:00 General Session
“Kindness: A Way of Life”
- Dr. Chuck Wall

3:00 Table Talk

4:00 Workshops

  1. “Caring for Families of Addicts and Abusers ” - John Vawter
  2. “Blessings of the Heart Through Listening” - Susan Balk
  3. Aging with Grace - Sandra McMullen Hayhurst

5:00 Socializing

5:30 All American Dinner

6:30 Plenary Speaker
“Amazing Grace in the Midst of Loss”
- Connie Jackson

Friday, March 12, 2004

8:00 Continental Breakfast

8:45 General Session
Uncommon Graces: Reflecting Jesus in Our Harsh World”
- Dr. John Vawter

  10:30 Workshops
  1. “Kindness: How to Make It Part of Life” - Dr. Chuck Wall
  2. “Depression: Fighting Back ” - Dr. Debbie Hutchinson
  3. “Surprising Joy for Tired Care-givers” - Bill Gaultiere

11:45 Box Lunch

12:25 General Session

“Barriers to Bridges”
- Kelsey Marshall

1:15 Table Talk

1:50 Panel Discussions

Loving.Care at the Last Stages of Living

Answering the Tough and Routine Questions of Care and Kindness

3:15 Workshops

  1. “Practical Care and Kindness” - Dr. James Kok
  2. “A Caring Moment: Visiting the Sick” - Philip Somsen
  3. Grief After Suicide - Bill Hoy

4:30 Preparing a Local Care and Kindness Program

6:00 Care and Kindness Banquet (included) and Entertainment

Saturday, March 13, 2004“Care-iffic Saturday”

7:30 Devotions —Rev. Dr. Vicki Orr
"Lectio Divina"

8:00 Continental Breakfast

9:00 General Session
Here Is the Purpose Filled Life
- Dr. James R. Kok

Making Rooms: Serving a Hospitable God
- Dr. Richard Mouw

10:45 Workshops

  1.  “Balanced Caregiving: Avoiding Burnout, Stress-out and Depression” - Rick Foss
  2. “Feast or Famine, The Promise of Genomic Medicine vs. the Hosts of Uninsured - Mark Spee, MD
  3. “Effective Ministry to Families with Special Needs Children ” - Dawn Booth-Anderson
  4. “A Caring Moment: Visiting the Sick” - Philip Somsen
  5. Dying In Diversity: Cross Cultural Issues In Death and Grief - Bill Hoy

11:50 Buffet Lunch (included)

12:30 Plenary Speaker
Ministry — You Can't Do It Alone”
- Duane Visser

1:45 Table Talk

2:00 Group Photo

2:45 Plenary Speaker
The Bully, the Bullied and the Bystander”
- Barbara Coloroso

3:30 General Session
Taking Care and Kindness Home”
- Dr. James R. Kok

4:00 Communion and Empowerment Service

4:30 Evaluation Gift