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What is Good About Life?

I made a quick mental run through my week just ending and made a striking discovery. Although intensely involved in some important projects and sensitive pastoral concerns, the heart-warming points in my week took place in our back yard.

Two tidbits stood out.

- One was the discovery of delicious figs ripening on our tree. It happens every year, but here it is happening again!
- The second pleasing moment occurred when I turned over a heavy, broken chunk of concrete and stood looking eye-to-eye at a little lizard.

A jam-packed week of relationships, challenges, struggling and thriving people — and my highlights were ripening figs and a creepy crawler! The last two won the prize.

The heavy things of life move us, teach us and deepen us, sometimes profoundly. But singing God's goodness, celebrating life's richness, skipping for joy over God's faithfulness — these things often spring from the small joys of everyday. A flower, a friendship, a child, music, or a little lizard can sometimes spark our joy like nothing else.


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