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Life is a Gift - We Must Use Every Day and Cherish with all Our Heart

Our earthly life is not a mere passing-through. We are "the light of the world" and we are expected to work at and enjoy brightening the world —in any small way we can.  We are to fight for life — Heaven can wait. There is work to do here, now; relationships to tend to; beauty to be celebrated; wonders to behold; and innovations and improvements to conceive. Life is a gift and an assignment.

There is nothing like facing one's own death. The focus of one's mind at such times can be amazing.  I have observed this as a Pastor walking alongside them. Most, however, embrace death the same way that they embrace life. Some are matter-of-fact, or see it as a challenge. Others live in denial, acting like it isn't really going to happen. Many spiritualize the prospect of moving into the presence of Jesus, and smile (often smiling through their tears). A few are depressed and resentful. Most quietly resign themselves and accept what is coming.

Death challenges God's people like walking on a high-wire. We need to balance love of life as we know it with the incredible prospect of heaven. Life is a gift, and we are entrusted with it as partners with Jesus in making the world a better place.


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