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The 3rd Age (Part 2)

The 3rd Age can be a brand new and refreshing experience. Often it begins with formal retirement. We see Octogenarians and even older, everywhere we look. Even living to age 100 is not so rare anymore. So now life is no longer just two halves—preparation and production. A fresh new third has opened to us.

Nose-to-the-grindstone days are over. Now we must notice people, give ourselves to them, and find ways to know and be known by others. This is true in regard to our peers, those of our own age, but even more so, it calls for connecting with the younger generation. We have so much to give them! Love, appreciation, admiration, encouragement, smiles. These are easy to pass around, and they nourish another’s soul like nothing else. We also have ideas, wisdom, insights, experience that can be shared. We have skills, interests, and abilities that can be passed on to grandchildren and other youth. Little builds a child up as much as praise and appreciation from older folks unrelated to them. These are gifts that should steadily flow from our lips into the hearts of those we meet.

All the while we are modeling something few of us had much of, namely, how to be happy, healthy and enjoyable in the days often regarded as elderly. The young need to see us living radiantly. We are leading the way, setting the standards, creating images of how to be in the third quarter of life. It is an exciting challenge God has given us. It is one in which we all can be active.


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