Motivating people to practice intentional acts of kindness

Loving-Kindness Built the Church

It is easy to give God to people. You just look at them, smile, greet them with a warm word, and move on. Friendliness is God's love coming through average and ordinary people, most of whom easily discount their importance.

If you are an Elder or Deacon, you are the church. Your friendliness is vital to every visitor, co-worker, and church member. There is no one who does not hunger for a spirit-lifting boost from God. And God depends on you and me to provide it. God heals too, but his first line of support is people.

There is not one person who can discount themselves or disqualify himself on this assignment. The lowest paid person's smile and kindness is as powerful as anyone else's.

Bad moods or late nights do not take you off the hook. Nor does your importance or your high level of activity. There is not one human being who is not The Light of the World, according to Jesus. That means the brightness of our surroundings is affected by our attitude. Each of us must override and set aside whatever may be crowding out our ability to greet and smile and welcome those we meet every day. That is a clear and powerful way of spilling Jesus on people. It is often called loving-kindness.

There is convincing historical evidence, recently discovered, that proves it was the loving kindness of the early church that overwhelmed Paganism. The Pagan religion had no doctrine or teaching about mercy or caring for each other. Christ's teaching was mostly about that.

Today more than ever the world is lonely. Today more than ever the church will be built by friendliness, personal attention to others, warmth and kindness. The exciting truth is that every person who follows Jesus, and others also, is capable and gifted to help.

There are businesses, like Toyota, where the manager demands friendliness. Every employee is expected to reach out and touch the customers with pleasant banter and smiles. The church has no such rules but we have solid teaching from Jesus calling us to have that kind of reward for everybody, everyday, everywhere.

Please start.

Force it if you have to.

"Fake it till you make it" is a popular slogan that fits.

Give more than you feel. (A forced smile makes the smiler feel better. It boosts one's own health.) Consider the needs of others and cancel your preoccupation with other needs. Set aside your gloom. That is being The Light of the World. 



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Dr. James Kok

Dr. James Kok is the founder of the Care and Kindness Campaign