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Research on Prayer for Seeds

A few years ago some people decided to do research on prayer. They believed prayer could affect any living thing- plant, animal or human being. They decided to start with plants; more specifically, seeds.

In their first experiment they spread a large number of seeds, immersed in water, on two cookie sheets. One tray they then prayed over intensively for three days. The other seeds were allowed to germinate without special attention.

The results were astounding. The prayed-over seeds germinated far more promptly, and more completely, than the seeds that were left alone.

They decided to push it further. They added a third tray. This one included the seeds and water but they added salt to the water. Adding salt to the water was like making the seeds sick because salty water is harmful to living seeds and plants.

To their surprise the salty seeds that were prayed for did germinate—and even more rapidly than those in clean water.

The conclusion they drew was that prayer may be especially beneficial to the ill and injured, like the sickened seeds in the salt water. Their neediness may make them the best candidates for prayerful care.

An interesting and provocative thought about prayer!

It may be most powerful with the weakened.

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At my age ’Getting lucky’ means walking into a room and remembering what I came in there for.

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