Motivating people to practice intentional acts of kindness

Let's Start A New Wave

Empty your mind of all the positive thoughts stored there that are doing no one any good. Is that a surprising suggestion?

Yes. Empty them from your mind. Release them! Holding them silently in your mind is a way of withholding countless blessings and gifts from people. Instead, release them from the 'unspoken' regions of your mind and express them aloud!

A daily inventory of anybody's thought bank turns up stacks and stacks of kind words unspoken, warm feelings held back, and grateful impulses reserved.

People need these goods. Soul food must be passed around, not warehoused in our hearts as so many warm feelings.

A new wave could sweep our world if millions of encouragement doors swung open. A tide of blessing like this would wash away a lot of hurt and it would begin to spread like wildflowers.



      Silly Thoughts

At my age ’Getting lucky’ means walking into a room and remembering what I came in there for.

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Dr. James Kok

Dr. James Kok is the founder of the Care and Kindness Campaign