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We have blamed God too much!

We have blamed God too much! The problems in this world are the result of human breakdown, damaged genetics, individual decision-making. The negative happenings in life should not be referred to using the words 'the Lord's will' or 'God's will'.

God shows up to heal, repair, renew us after the breakdowns of life. Here is an example expressed by a famous TV personality Robin Roberts after an excruciating challenge with cancer: "I have learned more about myself through sorrow than through joy. I am a better, stronger, more complete person because of these trials and tribulations."

Yes, that is where our loving Lord Jesus really shows up. It is after we are hit by the freight train.


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At my age ’Getting lucky’ means walking into a room and remembering what I came in there for.

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Dr. James Kok

Dr. James Kok is the founder of the Care and Kindness Campaign