Motivating people to practice intentional acts of kindness

Act Like You Care

I doubt that doing good, helping someone, cheering another person—even when you do not feel like doing it—can ever be called phony. Immeasurable good, spirit-lifting, and even healing is possible through actions performed by those who are determined to do what is right and needed. Even if they themselves are feeling overwhelmed, lacking in confidence, and maybe even irritated, they will feel better once they have done it!

Paying compliments, speaking worlds of encouragement, expressing appreciation and admiration must not wait until we feel like delivering such gifts. Such actions are part of doing what is right and what is needed. They are not to wait until we feel warm and friendly. They are a matter of will, more than emotions. “Love one another” is not amended by the words “when you feel like it.”


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At my age ’Getting lucky’ means walking into a room and remembering what I came in there for.

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The secret is that, more than saying anything, you just show up. We help people by leaving our own comfort zone and standing close to them.