Motivating people to practice intentional acts of kindness
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Care Conference Schedule

Friday, February 7

6:30 PMCheck In / Fellowship

7:00 PMWorship - David Wells

7:15 PMHow to Become a Happier Person
- Dr. James Kok

Saturday, February 8

7:30 AMContinental Breakfast

8:00 AMWorship - Daivid Wells

8:15 AMGeneral Session
Looking at the Average Man or Woman
-Dr. James Kok

9:00 AMWorkshops Session 1

  1. “Raising Generous Kids ” - Barb Christing
  2. “The Sandwich Generation” - Chuck Williams
  3. “Building Empathy for the Mentally Ill” - Steve Pitman
  4. “Practicing Simple Acts of Kindness” - Terri Green
  5. “Caring for our Veterans”- John Parent

10:00 AMBreak

10:15 AMCaring Courageously to Combat Intolerance:
Living through the Holocaust

-Sam Silberberg

11:15 AMWorkshops Session 2

  1. “Tools and Resources for the Sandwich Generation ” - Kari Buist-Baker
  2. “Estate and Legacy Planning for Families” - Sandy von Paul
  3. “Enlarge Your Heart – Giving Thanks” - Jackie Kosewick
  4. “Changing Lanes, Redefining Retirement” - Beverly Battaglia
  5. “Who’s the Slow Learner? A Chronicle of Inclusion” - Sandra McElwee

12:15 PMLunch

1:00 PMWorship - David Wells

1:15 PMGetting Through What You’re Going Through
Kay Warren

2:15 AMWorkshops Session 3

  1. “Financial Preparedness for Retirees” - Sandy Von Paul
  2. “Circle of Safety for the Preschool Child” - Vanessa Renich
  3. “Caring for the Orphans of Orange County” - Madeline Anich
  4. “Caring Communications” - Karen Wilkinson
  5. “Breathing Under Water: Understanding the Value of Grief” - Jeff Turner

3:15 PMBreak

3:30 PM God is Love. Love is God.
-Dr. James Kok

3:50 PMClosing Charge to Kindness Ambassadors


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Dr. James Kok

Dr. James Kok is the founder of the Care and Kindness Campaign

You really shouldn’t say “I LOVE YOU” unless you mean it. But if you mean it, you should say it a lot. People forget.
— Jessica- age 8