Motivating people to practice intentional acts of kindness
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Conference Schedule

Saturday, May 6

9:00 AM Registration / Continental Breakfast

9:30 AM General Session - Keynote Speaker
What Are We Really Here For?
- Dr. James Kok

10:00 AM Workshops

  1. “End-of-life decision-making” - Terri Reicher
  2. “Active listening – more than words can say” - Andrea Wasser-Malmud
  3. “Art therapy: the healing power of art” - Maria Lupo
  4. “Deep meditation to calm the mind, body and soul” - Halina Miller
  5. “What You Should Know About Youth and Suicide” - Christine Anderson

11:00 AM Workshops

  1. “Medicine and Spirituality – Perfect together”- Dr. Joseph H. Fennelly
  2. “Mandala (wholeness): the sacred circle” - Maria Lupo
  3. “Care-sharing – a reciprocal approach to care giving/receiving” - Brenda Searle Minnella
  4. “Neighbors and friends: emergency department without walls” - Jon Sugarman
  5. “Dealing with substance abuse” - Fr. Robert Wisniefski

12:00 Faith Community Health Partners - Gary Myers, PhD

12:15 Lunch

12:45 AM Workshops

  1. “Music therapy – the healing power of music” - Crystal Antoine
  2. “Meditation: drawing, seeing and touching” - Maria Lupo
  3. “Care for the caregiver” - Carol DeGraw
  4. “The healing power of forgiveness” - Janet Pfeiffer
  5. “Depression in Children – Fighting Back” - Sue DeBell

1:45 PM Workshops

  1. “Reflective writing: telling your story” - Maria Lupo
  2. “Healthcare decision-making (Anna’s angels)” - Randy Parks
  3. “Drum Circle: inducing harmony, euphoria & rhythm to the chaos of life”- Joachim Becker
  4. “Be not afraid: turning to God in times of fear and uncertainty” -Janet Pfeiffer
  5. “Practical ways to deal with anxiety” -Leah Scilingo

2:45 PM General Session - Keynote Speaker
Thirteen Secret Behaviors
- Dr. James Kok

3:15 PM Closing

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You really shouldn’t say “I LOVE YOU” unless you mean it. But if you mean it, you should say it a lot. People forget.
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